Alfred and Larry (Short Animation) Two completely different lifes two completely different characters
The story about 2 old childhood friends who lost contacts from each other in many years and one night, luckily and suddenly their lifes connect again. This was my first 2D animation movie. The genre is absurd comedy. When i first start to write the characters and the story, i was always thinking about to make my animations sequel, make new episodes to them so on this animation i tried to make the whole things unique,continuable and in distinctive art style. I used Anime Studio Pro to animate and Adobe Illustrator to drew characters and backgrounds.

Tales From Cyprus: Son Of Encouragement Cpriot Saint Barnabas`s story
The story depends on the true life story of Cypriot Saint Barnabas from his early ages in Cyprus, Jerusalem, his missionary journey with St. Paul and to his last times in Cyprus. The animation is not about detailed lifetime of St. Barnabas, I tried to stay mainly around Cyprus from his lifetime on this animation. Again, like my first 2D animation, i tried to make this Tales From Cyprus animations like sequels, it depends on stories about Cyprus and Cypriots. I use distinctive art style. It is generally like children drawings. I used Anime Studio Pro to drew characters, backgrounds and for animate.